we have gained a whole lot of experience operating all over the globe. The name of our company, MSK, is an abbreviation created in 1987 by the founders using the first letters of their surnames: Moßler, Schwab and Keller. Nowadays, this acronym stands for Maritime Spedition-Kontor GmbH. In 1999, the corporate management changed. Until 2002, all our activities had been directed from Hamburg or Stuttgart, but due to an increasing amount of requests we opened a third office: Schondorf in Bavaria. This allows better service supply in the economic area of Munich/Bavaria. Under the direction of the four current executives our company developed into a highly flexible and specialized service provider related to logistics: We transport everything on time from A to the most distant destination B - regardless whether it`s a container or a complete manufacturing plant! We know that smooth communication and efficient IT-infrastructure is essential for delivering the freigth to the expected destination on time and in good condition - especially in the phases of preparation and planning